Cell Tower Lease Rates

Leasing Rates for Cell Phone Towers

Just like when you are determining the correct value for your home, the same idea applies to cell tower lease rates. The value is affected by size, quality, neighborhood, age, style, color, comparable sales etc. However, there are few more things to keep in mind when leasing a cell tower site. Cell tower involves technology, legal, engineering and wireless carrier marketing. It is also important to note that a single site is largely dependent on a much larger cellular network.

Why is a cell site needed? In a time where mobile comes first, there are many reasons why cell sites are needed. To name a few, cell sites can reduce excessive dropped calls, poor quality phone calls, increase data download speeds, radio frequency engineering department usually builds additional sites because of new construction in homes, businesses, or venues and data capacity can be significantly improved so that wireless users can have faster data connections for audio/video uses.

A cell tower lease is an agreement between two parties. The agreement is based on the cellular provider’s approval to operate equipment on the property owner’s land in exchange for rent.

How do you determine your Lease Rate?

Just like real estate, cell tower lease rates are variable based on location. For some property owners, rental fees from a single cellular provider can range from  $150,000 in a single year to barely $100 per month.

Cell tower lease rates are essentially based on these 3 factors:

1.     Cell Tower Lease Types

2.     Location of the Cell Site

3.     New Technologies

Cell Tower Lease Types:

Cell Tower Ground Lease – This is a standard lease agreement between a cellular provider and a property owner. This agreement specifies how much land will be dedicated to the construction of the cell site and the contract provides the wireless operator permission to accessthe lease premises. Check here!

Lease Expansions – This type of cell tower lease agreement occurs when a party wants to expand the agreed-upon area from the original ground lease. This agreement typically applies when there is a plan for area expansion and/or equipment upgrade.

Additional Ground Space Lease – Unlike a lease expansion, this lease involves leasing a completely new section of land to a separate carrier.

Tower Collocation Lease – This type of lease is used when a carrier wants to utilize the cell tower and ground space on an existing cell tower already owned by another wireless carrier or tower company.

Rooftop Cell Sites of Commercial–These cell towers are antennas installed on commercial building rooftops. Rooftop sites tend to be popular in the metropolitan areas where there are many tall buildings.

Location of the Cell Site

In tightly packed urban areas,cellular rents are naturally higher. Why? There’s competition. This can put cellular providers and tower companies in a critical state because any delays in Internet connectivity for their customers will ultimately result in a loss of profit.

New Technologies

Small cells, such as microcells, are beginning to become a more favorable option for cellular providers, as they are more efficient, less costly, and somewhat easier to implement in a variety of locations. Microcells are most popular in urban areas where open space is limited. For more information, visit: https://ezinearticles.com/?Cell-Phone-Towers,-NIMBY?&id=2579185





Top 5 Tips While Negotiating a Cell Tower Lease

Top 5 Tips While Negotiating a Cell Tower Lease

Do you know the potential cell tower lease rates in your area? Unfortunately, most homeowners are in the dark when it comes to such things as it’s not something they’re used to. That’s a tricky problem to say the least, because when you know very little about cell tower rates, you might get short-changed. So, it might be time to think about learning a few tips to help you during the negotiation process. Here are top five tips you might need while negotiating a cell tower lease.

Have an Expert on Your Side

While you may want to handle the negotiations yourself, it might not be totally advisable. Why is that? The cell tower companies have legal experts on their side and that means they have an advantage over you. No matter how smart you think you are or how many dirty tricks you know, there will always be something you don’t know and that’s where the other side can trap you. It’s essential to have a professional negotiator on your side or some help in the form of a lawyer. Professionals, especially lawyers, are the ideal people to turn to when you need help most. Hopefully, you can get cell tower lease rates that are reasonable for both sides. For more details, visit: https://www.towerleases.com/

Top 5 Tips While Negotiating a Cell Tower Lease

Learn As Much As You Can

Do you know how long a typical cell tower lease would last for? Do you know the terms about cell towers? You are put on the back foot when you know very little about cell towers and leases. You might have used leases in the past on properties, but cell towers are completely different. There are lots of little things which could trap you and it’s what you want to avoid. Learn as much as you can and you might get better cell tower lease rates in the long-term.

There’s Always Room to Negotiate

If you’re renewing a lease, you might find the company wants to lower their costs and that means short-changing you. However, there is always room to negotiate. If you have a prime location, you’re going to want to negotiate for a fairer price because the companies are more than ready to negotiate. Of course, you shouldn’t be too greedy and push for more if the price has increased somewhat from your previous lease. That could catch you out, so be ready to negotiate but don’t be too greedy and hopefully, you’ll get cell tower lease rates that suit you.

Get Down To Business Quickly

A lot of homeowners try to put the negotiation phase until the very last second, in hopes of getting a better deal, but that’s not smart. Remember, cell tower companies can move to another home in the area if they really wanted to and you could lose out. You have to ensure this doesn’t happen! You have to keep on your toes and get down to business quickly and effectively. As soon as the company approaches you, get your lawyer on hand and negotiate. You’ll be surprised to find how reasonable the cell tower lease rates are.

Forget About getting more because there’s Larger Square Foot Space

Cell tower lease rates can vary considerably, but, just because you have more square footage, that doesn’t mean the price will increase any further. A lot of homeowners believe they can get more if their property is larger than that of the next door neighbor, but it’s not the case. Companies are paying to lease the land for their cell towers and it doesn’t matter how much land you have. Don’t hold out for more as it might not ever come.

Get a Reasonable Deal

Cell towers are an essential part of modern technology and there are thousands of property owners that have the ability to earn from their properties. However, cell tower leases can be tricky to negotiate, especially when you go into this alone. Getting someone in to help with the negotiation part can be essential and isn’t as difficult as you might think. Hopefully, you’ll get great cell tower lease rates and be able to net a tidy profit.

Property Owners Guide To Get the Best Deal for Their Cell Tower Lease

Property Owners Guide To Get the Best Deal for Their Cell Tower Lease

Owning a prime piece of real estate might enable you to get better cell tower lease rates and it’s something which is vast becoming hugely popular. If you have property and a company approaches you to enquire about leasing the land out to house a cell tower, it’s a potential goldmine. However, getting the very best deal is often difficult to achieve as the company has the upper hand. Remember, any company can approach a landowner, but, if you drag your hells, they can walk away to find another property. So, what do you need to know to get the best deal for a cell tower lease?

Don’t Offer a Price – Let Them Do the Talking

A lot of property owners are determined to get the price they want and often ask for the price they really want. However, while it might seem to be a good idea to name your price, it’s not smart because you might out price yourself. For example, you name a price, but the company was willing to pay you more, you have technically lost out. Another example is that you overshoot the price and the company believes you’re being far too costly and they walk away. It happens and that’s why it’s best to let the company talk about cell tower lease rates and then have your say.read more.

Property Owners Guide To Get the Best Deal for Their Cell Tower Lease

Don’t Go Into Negotiations without a Lawyer

Cell tower lease rates can vary considerably and it’s tough to get a reasonable rate. However, it’s made a lot tougher when you go to the negotiation table without a lawyer. Why does it matter? Lawyers are experts at negotiating and they are the best people to have on your side when it comes to getting the best deal possible. Of course, if you don’t want to have a lawyer, that’s your choice, but it’s going to be a lot harder to get a deal that’s suitable. If you’re going to negotiate without a lawyer, take the time to research average costs to hammer out a reasonable price.

Know What You’re Talking About

Do you know what you’re talking about? Do you think a two year lease is suitable? Shouldn’t you be getting more for the lease? If you don’t know what you’re talking about, you can’t go into a negotiation phase with the company. Why is that? You’ll be laughed out of the room! Also, you’ll get short-changed and once you sign a deal, there’s no way to undo what was done. When it comes to cell tower lease rates you have to know every little thing about it, so that you can get a fair deal.

Get A Great Deal

Cell tower leases are ideal for most property owners as it can allow them to rake tens of thousands per year. However, when you’re new to this and want to get a great deal, it’ll take a lot of hard work. Remember, cell tower companies are trying to save as much as they can and they will try to offer the cheapest deal possible. Hopefully, if you know how to get a better deal, you can walk away with the best deal possible. Ensure the cell tower lease rates are reasonable for your property. visit this link: Top 5 Tips While Negotiating a Cell Tower Lease

Everything You Need To Know About Cell Tower Leases

Everything You Need To Know About Cell Tower Leases

If you’ve been approached by a cell tower company, you want to ensure the cell tower lease rates are the best for your property. Leasing property to a company for cell towers can potentially net a tidy sum and that’s something to look forward to. However, a lot of people don’t know much about tower leases and think they should hold off until they get a more reasonable offer. Unfortunately, cell tower leases are a lot more complicated than you know and unless you’re fully aware of what they mean to you, you could end up with a rubbish deal. So, what do you need to know about cell tower leases?

There’s a Greater Investment Value with Cell Towers

Cell towers are often rented out or leased to a variety of companies and that means they have a great investment potential. Unfortunately, cell tower companies know that, but don’t often let on to the owner of the property so they get short-changed. When you’re hammering out cell tower lease rates you or your lawyer should mention the fact there’s investment potential with the site and it should be included in the contract. A lot of people don’t realize that and get short-changed. Also, renting additional land the company doesn’t use or need is a waste! Limit how much you rent out or how much land the cell towers have access to.

Everything You Need To Know About Cell Tower Leases

First Offers Aren’t the Best

Most property owners jump at the first offer given to them by the cell tower company as they believe it’s the only offer they’ll receive. However, there’s a reason why the company approached you and nine times out of ten, their first offer isn’t their last. What is more, the first offer is usually the worst offer, but that only means there’s room to negotiate. Usually, that’s the company’s baseline offer, but can be happy to increase. You should negotiate for better cell tower lease rates so that you are happy with the terms set.See more!

Pushing For More Doesn’t Always Yield Results

As said above, companies offer terrible rates to begin with, but usually they can improve after the second or third offer. However, a lot of property owners try to push their luck and squeeze every penny out of the cell tower companies, even when it’s a more than reasonable deal. When cell tower lease rates reach a price the company isn’t happy to pay, they will walk away from the deal. Remember, they can always find another piece of land and that means you lose out. While you could push for a better deal, you have to be wary how far you push.

Get a Fair Deal

Cell tower leases can be ideal for those with large pieces of property that aren’t being used (and that can house a cell tower), but, you have to be careful with your negotiations. You don’t want to push the deal too far and end up losing everything, but at the same time, you don’t want to fall short on what you could achieve either. Getting help with the negotiation phase might be ideal for you so that you get good cell tower lease rates. For more information visit: https://www.capenews.net/mashpee/news/mashpee-planning-board-closes-cell-tower-public-hearing-vote-pending/article_06519224-fc01-52c3-9c41-27ea8a1d003a.html